Visionary solutions

Havalah, Nigeria provides visionary solutions to communities covering digital solutions, empowerment of women & youth, and agro-enterprise development

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions for curbing poverty. Many inaccessible critical services can be accessed using digital platforms in rural area


Havalah, Nigeria seeks to create an enabling environment by providing digital training for women & youth in advancing their cases

Agro Enterprise

Food insecurity is a major issue in Nigeria, impacting development and health.  Havalah, Nigeria is focused on combating this issue

Havalah, Nigeria is a nonprofit organization providing innovative solutions and services to underprivileged and off-grid communities

Havalah Nigeria empowers youth and women, offers digital solutions, and develops agro-enterprises. We provide technical training, leadership and business skills, mentorship, financial aid, and agricultural techniques to farmers and agribusinesses. Partnering with them benefits the community and develops skills.

Home economics


Havalah, Nigeria’s key objective is to build self-supporting, sustainable community development agencies facilitating grassroots groups and establishing strategic linkages for sustainable development. Your generous support financially and in kind are welcome. Click button for details

Get Involved

Together We Can Change The World!

Havalah, Nigeria welcomes everyone to join us and get a whole wide range of opportunities ranging from obtaining computer education, vocational training, and technical training in solar technology. Also to be available soon is training in digital television installation which is very significant for obtaining better survival opportunities.