About Us

Off-Grid Community Transformation

In Nigeria, Havalah is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to create innovative approaches and tools that will enhance the lives of marginalized citizens throughout the country. Our intention is to assist off-grid communities and those who are off-site who include those in less privileged communities. The uniqueness of our approach lies in working together with communities for successful delivery of our services. All people have a right to be treated equally as far as provision of essential amenities and chances of improving themselves are concerned. It is a group that includes highly dedicated and motivated men and women, whose mission is to make our environment better for people that are under our care. 

The Team

Havalah Nigeria’s team is composed of exceptional professionals with extensive expertise in various fields, including computer technology, vocational training, home economics, and solar power engineering. Our commitment to providing high-quality services makes a positive impact on people nationwide. We take pride in developing innovative and excellent results.

Our Projects

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions for curbing poverty. Many inaccessible critical services can be accessed using digital platforms in rural area


Havalah, Nigeria seeks to create an enabling environment by providing digital training for women & youth in advancing their cases

Agro Enterprise

Food insecurity is a major issue in Nigeria, impacting development and health.  Havalah, Nigeria is focused on combating this issue

Our Mission

Here at Havalah we are focused on finding innovative ways to help marginalised communities around the country. We seek to involve off-grid and underserved population in developing useful tools and initiatives that offer common facilities and chances of growth. Equality of access to organizational resources and paths towards self-improvement. We work together towards a better world with motivated and committed groups whose ultimate goal is to lift up and support the communities for which we are responsible.

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